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    Sharmika look busted when she came by the studio. Nasty doo rag on, baggy sweat pants and booty sneakers. Just like the rest she's got some tude kickin and was a bit delusional. Sharmika insisted she was super fine. More like super skanky! Julius was about to give her the boot when Sharmika begged for one more chance. Teenie went in the back room for a complete pimp overhaul. Once back, my homie just stood there with his jaw dropped down. She got ass for days! Knowing it Sharmika bent over and shook her money maker. My homie got hard instantly. He bent that ass over and stuck her black pussy full of his giant meat stick. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie ONLY at

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    Ghetto Teen Does the Dirty Deed

    Nene is a typical ghetto teen who thinks she all that. She came in the studio with an snarly attitude. Miss thang thinks she is hot as is. Doesn't need to waste her time with a bunch of wack ass pimpin. I was about to send her barely legal ass back to the Inglewood ghetto but then she came out lookin damn sexy in thong panties showing off her thick ass. She definitely has a lotta junk in the trunk just the way I like it! Nene, being the good little ghetto teen bent over, grabbed my cock and said it better be with the cheddar. Up and down she bobbed. Sucking the skin off my dick until I bent her over the couch and gave this black teen the jackhammering of a lifetime! DOWNLOAD all the nasty action ONLY at!



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    Opps I Fucked Her!

    My hommie is gonna cap my ass. He is in the slammer for a few months for a bogus BE charge. I promised him I would take care of his lady but NOT FUCK HER. I wouldn't anyways. Tanisha was a nasty ghetto teen bitch. No idea why he liked her. One day she came over for some food stamps. Bitch kept pressing me for a some dick. Told her NO! She kept on. I finally said, listen chicken head. If you clean up your outfit, fit your hair, slap some make up on then maybe I will give you the gift of my dick. She rolled her eyes at me. Fine. 2 hours later Tanisha came out looking mutha fucking fine. I rushed her. Slid my huge black dong deep into her shaved black pussy and fucked her for hours. Opps. Sorry buddy! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at

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    Black Teen Pussy Comes a Knockin - Chanel Dior

    I run ads in local papers to attract black teens looking for a free makeover. My rap is pretty straight forward. Free makeover in exchange for some nude modeling. Well alright dog, it's not that straight forward since the nude modeling is code for sucking on my BIG black dick. And the makeover is really just to get them camera ready since I don't fuck dirty hoes. I started listing my address which might not have been the best decision since yesterday morning I heard a rap on my door bright ass early. I opened the door, crossed eyed, and there was black teen Chanel Dior. Dressed in black tank and semi cute jeans. Her outfit wasn't total shit but her hair and makeup was wack. I waved her in, made some coffee, called my boy and sat down. Sigh, it's too early to finish this blog post so just come check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie of Chanel Dior, who by the way does an excellent booty shake while I am ramming my dick between her pussy lips, ONLY at dog.

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    Ghetto Teen Sista Pimped for Dick - Kianna

    All girls coming from the hood have a bad ass attitude they bring on set. Kianna was no exception. This black teen was armed with her ghetto talk but looked like a beat down hoe bag. Dressed in an oversized plaid polo, high waist Capri pants and pink sneakers, everything was bunk with Kianna. I almost jumped ship and threw her back on the streets but my buddy convinced me to give that annoying bitch a chance. Fine. I sent her back to get pimped. Holy hell. She came out in fish net stockings, tiny panties with a matching bra. I made my way over to her. She crawled across the bed and swallowed my monster black dong. Check out all the freaky shit I do to black teen Kianna ONLY at yo!

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    Light Skin Rochelle Quits her Misbehaving

    My camera man and I were getting into it with this black teen who is straight up busted. Her orange, over sized sweatshirt, hoddy up, pin rolled jeans, and busted shoes. Damn need I say more. She was BUSTED! If she quits her bitching I will personally give her a thousand dollars AND a new makeover including weave if she would just shut her face. I had no intention of banging her on film. Nope, not that skank. I get her back to the studio. My cameraman is still recording, well, so we can have something to laugh at later. Rochelle goes in the back of the studio, stays for 2 hours. Sigh. We she finally walked out the door, I just about died. Her body was banging, weave was perfect, tits were perky and ass was ready to be eaten. DOWNLOAD the FULL movie starring nasty girl Rochelle getting fucking drilled ONLY at

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    Ghetto Teen Pimped for Sex Starring Stacey Cash

    I brought another present for my hommie right here and all Stacey Cash got was big time cussing when we got to his place. She looked like a piece of shit I tell you, wearing those loose sweatpants and black tank top. Her fashion was way outdated but this black chick has some banging curves inside that caught me by surprise when I peeked. Man, you gotta love those chocolate buns behind her and when my home boy got a glimpse of her plump ass, the grand pimping came next. Stacey looked trashy on the outside but she is one enticing meat, having those killer curves that I've been dreaming to slap big time. He purchased a nice birthday suit for her and also got the makeup done for her. My heart was beating so fast when Stacey came back from her makeover much more when she started sucking my huge black meat. I started pounding her when she was down in all fours and I continued to slam this ghetto teen until my load blast. Cum and see the FULL MOVIE of Stacey Cash getting pimped and ruthlessly pounded ONLY at

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    Nasty Talkin Ho Plays Round - ShaViva

    We played around with other bitches before but hey, this ho sure is tight. She knows how to be cool around my homeboy even if he keeps on talking shit about her. I picked her up wearing a very loose shirt, black pants and flip flops. Trashy! We told ShaViva we'd hook her up if she would star in a video with my boy after a pimptastic makeover. Ghetto teen agreed. My girl dressed her in pink number, got her hair did and cleaned her dirty ass feet. When we went back to the studio, my boy was going crazy over this girl's fat and perky ass. This girl's got attitude, never mind class coz she sure doesn't have it but this ho's gotta be one of my favorites. Watch me pound her pink and juicy cunt only here on Pimp my Black Teen.

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    Upgrading One Ghetto Teen at a Time

    Somaya came in looking very plain, flip flops, jeans, black tank, bunk hair with a lame hat. Her clothes were tight enough that I could tell her black teen body was banging. I immediately offered her a head to toe makeover plus a thousand bucks cash to fuck me on film. I sent her in the back, Somaya came out an hour later looking fucking pimped! Pretty pink and white bra and thong set. Hair done to the nines and a killer make up job. She looked much better in that lingerie and I'm telling you, I was all over her black ass once she got to the bed. I licked her pierced titties, finger banged her black snatch then spread her caramel thighs wide for a deep dick drilling. Check out Somaya's FULL movie ONLY at baby!

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    Ghetto Teen Pimped for Sex - Vivica J Coxx

    Vivica is a sweet little black teen chick but damn, she needs one good makeover. Before we get her any new clothes, we have to get her out of the old ones. I'm an expert at this and in no time, Vivica J Coxx was out of her clothes, buck naked right in front of me. She was quick to suck my cock and I was stiff in no time. I spread Vivica's legs wide and penetrated her tight teen pussy with my cock. After almost an hour of hardcore fucking, I felt my nut about to explode. I pulled out just in time to smother her face with my thick hot cum.

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    Tightest Black Pussy on Record - Ariel

    Another ghetto teen came into the studio for a major pimpin. Ariel was in her trashy outfit, with a bandana on her head and baggy clothes that made me want to squirm. I had to inspect the goods before going any further with this make over. I pulled up her top and I saw a pair of huge black titties and when she turned around her booty was just so overwhelming, which inspired me to give her an instant makeover. I dumped her baggy clothes down the garbage shoot and replaced them with a revealing bikini. Even I was surprised with the outcome and my cock was about to rip my jeans after I saw her tight black slit and beautiful big tits. Ariel swallowed my monster black meat as she bobbed her head up and down like a good little black slut. I began squeezing my way inside her tiny black twat in missionary while Ariel was moaning with pleasure and pain. She turned around for a slow doggy sticking before she rode my monster black cock. I suddenly felt the urge to unload my creamy thick load. Ariel got to her knees and my cock shot out in insanely thick load over her pretty teen face. This black teen got the tightest pussy I've ever drilled!

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    Janetta Earns More Than a Free Weave

    Janetta came rolling into the discount store parking lot blasting some ghettotastic rap crap in her sleek black car. This black teen sure loves attention. Once she got out of her phat ride the ghetto bitch was in busted up rags. Janetta was in need for a pimpin makeover. I pulled my caddie up next to her to offer the deal of a lifetime. Free clothes, new weave plus a thousand dollars to fuck me on film. What what!! Janetta closed the deal by flashing her tits. My kind of black teen. I got her back to my place. Sent her in back with the makeup artist to fix up her busted grill. She emerged a gorgeous black teen goddess. My cock was itching to fly out from my jeans right after she showed me her gorgeous firm ass and wet black slit. Janetta grabbed my monster black cock right away and sucked it while she was tapping her pussy. I stretched her dark hole missionary style and kept on thrusting my cock in and out of her moist pussy in other positions before I popped my entire thick load all over her pussy. I love pimping and fucking hot black teens!

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    Broken Down Weave No More - Chayne Jacobs

    Chayne Jacobs' car broke down. My buddy and I saw her sitting on the curb waiting for a tow in a sweatpants, oversized sweater and a busted up weave. It was the perfect time to offer up our make over services in exchange for sexual favors. Chanye Jacobs accepted as most black teens ho's do. We drove back to my place to give her a much needed make I mean deep dicking! My buddy took off Chayne's clothes to reveal a nice pair of black teen titties, phat ass and a super tight black slit. She quickly went down on her knees and started to suck my buddy's cock. They couldn't wait any longer so they started banging each other. My buddy was pumped as he drilled Chanye Jacobs in different positions until he couldn't hold it anymore. My buddy pulled out his cock from Chayne's tight pussy and shot his thick pimp juice on her breasts to seal the deal. Ghettos teens are alright with me!

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    Juwana Gets Her Booty Pimped

    Juwana was about to come in the grocery store when my buddy and I spotted her sweet booty. She has a great sexy body but her style needed an upgrade. My buddy and I decided that we needed to pimp up the style of this sexy black teen. We quickly made our way to Juwana and had a little chat with her. We told her we can pimp her if she agrees to do us some favors. She was shy at first, but eventually agreed. We got Juwana to change to sexier clothes that highlights her hot bod. She loved the pimping and as a return favor, Juwana got down on her knees and gave me a hot blowjob. Of course I didn't stop there. After the blowjob, I took off her new fancy clothes, spread her pussy wide open and banged her pretty hard. I pounded her tight black snatch in different positions before showering her with my sticky jizz. Who doesn't love a makeover?

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    Black Ghetto Teens Gets Pimped - Reneeka

    Jimmy and I rounded up this tattered black teen babe that had made her way down here to the Valley from Oakland. Reneeka was wearing these ripped jeans that looked like they dropped off a Salvation Army truck and her hair needed at least a comb pulled through it once in a while. She was a mess but you tell there was a tight teen body under there somewhere. Reneeka was down for a makeover and what we wound up with was this sassy bitch in pink and black lingerie sporting a tight wet pussy underneath. She started fingering that slit for me and when I pulled out my black cock, Reneeka started sucking and deep throating me. I started banging that pink teen snatch like Reneeka was the last pussy on earth and I couldn't give this freak enough. I licked it and fucked it before I finally came right on her lips. Now that's pimping out, Southern Cali style.

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